Do you love gifts? Our company announces a new promotion-big bonus for simple actions!

For participation in the new program GissisBonus we give cash prizes — up to $100 can get anyone. It is only necessary to fulfill all the conditions aimed at promoting our project.

The prize fund is designed for 2500 people-500 prizes for the first applications submitted in social networks (after repost Vkontakte, Twitter and Facebook), on the Bitcointalk forum and on our Youtube channel.

To be among the 500 lucky ones, you have to carry out a number of simple conditions. First of all you need to register an account on the site and open a deposit by selecting one of the tariff plans on the relevant page.

The next step to get the bonus will be the realization of one of the following items (to choose):

subscribe to our YouTube channel;

join our group Vkontakte;

become a member of our Twitter community;

join us on Facebook;

subscribe to our official channel in the Telegram.

Carrying out an advertising company on Twitter

Retweet news from our official page will bring you $0.5, but for this your Twitter account must be created at least a month ago, the number of your friends must exceed 150 people.

Access to your page should be open and the retweet should stay on your page for at least 3 days.

Twitter campaign

Carrying out an advertising company on Bitcointalk

Post your referral link got on the site, in signature his profile on forum Bonus accrual is possible after the expiration of the 10-day period from the date of placement of the link, and the application for the bonus can be updated every 10 days.

The amount of bonuses for the past 10 days depends on your rank:

Bitcointalk campaign

Carrying out an advertising company on Youtube

Get prizes for creating video content about our company. Post on your channel a review of our website or a review of your own experience of cooperation with us. The length of the video should be 1-3 minutes, and the size of the prize can be from 2 to 100 dollars. The size of the bonus varies depending on your activity, the "age" of the channel and its attendance.

The minimum conditions for getting the prize are:

In addition, the title of the ad spot should have the words “” or "Nexobit" as well as your referral link. The number of videos is not limited, but bonuses are awarded for 1 video in 10 days.

YouTube campaign

Carrying out an advertising company on Facebook

To get a bonus of $0.5 you need to make a repost from our official page.

Make deposit

Carrying out an advertising company on VKontakte

Get a bonus of $ 0.5 for repost news under the standard conditions: from the date of creation of your account more than 30 days have passed, the number of your friends is more than 150 people, your page is open for free access, and after the publication of the repost has passed at least 3 days.

VKontakte campaign

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